About Us | Great American Flag Company

Our Story

Our family owned business is run in sunny Florida. Our items are hand crafted and hand made by us in our facility. Most of our designs and process are unique to us, and are created in order to make heirloom products to stand the test of time. From hand selecting ethical raw materials, to hand assembling and packaging in our facility, relentless quality and service is our commitment to you.

We started in 2017 creating furniture and other smaller wood items as a hobby (check out @zeuscowoodworks). Being huge patriots we wanted to make a flag to hang in the home. We loved it so much, we shared on social media, and the inquiries started coming in. Our business took off thanks to the support in our local community and social media. We love and live for supporting active duty, veterans, 1st responders, and fellow patriots and families with our creative flags and art; and wanted to grow our reach beyond our local community, hence Great American Flag Company was born!

We create these items by hand and with our heart and soul. We have tremendous passion and love for our country, the symbols of our freedom, and for our business. 

We're so grateful for each and every one of you. From our family to yours, THANK YOU.